Thursday, December 07, 2006

Surgery was a success!

My father's surgery was success! His mitral valve has been repaired and he is currently recovering in the ICU currently. The road to a full recovery will be a long one, but now my father can return to a full healthy state. Thank you to all for your support.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Life's Curve Balls

Yes, I have been bad about keeping this blog up to date. It has been a combination of being busy and being lazy. However, certain events have occurred and driven certain things to a head, and I just to get some thoughts out of my mind and into written form.

Life loves to throw us curve balls. Just as you are getting into a groove or hitting your stride, and things seem to be going your way, something crops up. It always happens and life would be boring with out them. And just like curve balls, some hang and you can crush them out of the park, and others cause you stress as you struggle to deal with them.

I have just been thrown a curve ball. As I was enjoying time with my friends at Villanova on my birthday, I was informed my father had been hospitalized due to problems with his prolapsed mitral valve in his heart. In mitral valve prolapse, the valve flaps bulge (prolapse) upward into the left atrium rather than closing smoothly as the heart contracts (WebMD), and in my father's case blood leaks backward through the prolapsed valve into the atrium. This has caused his heart to work overtime and on Friday (12/1), his resting heart rate was at 140+ beats per minute (bpm). For refrence, your typical resting heart rate should be 60 bpm, and when you're at a full run you'll hit 140+ bpm. His heart was working as if he was running, even though he was just standing still. My father tried to pass it off as he'll just get better, and they'll get his heart rate back down to a respectable resting rate, but I know what was going to soon transpire. I have know about the prolapsed for several months and my father was given a 10 year window in which he could decide to have the operation to fix the valve. Myself and others encouraged to get it done as soon as possible, but being the stubborn and driven man he is, he wanted to push it off. Well, now the open heart surgery is immiment.

This was a nasty curve ball thrown at me, and I did not know how to handle it immediately. It came in fast and broke hard. I was more concerned for my father, my mother, my sibliings, and the rest family for how they were handling the news. I was not so much concerned for my state, but that I could not physically be there to support them. Not only until later, not until now did it set in for me, did I focus on my, thoughts. Even though the surgery is quite routine and common, it is still very intense. The man will have his chest split open, will be dependent upon a heart-lung machine for an extended period of time, and have his heart operated on. This is a man that has inpsired me, that has driven me, that has supported me, and has been model person that I hope I can be. Now he needs my help, my support, and its quite the internal struggle. I am nervous, I am concerned, and I hope for a sucessful surgery and quick recovery for my father.

Tomorrow morning (12/6) my father will have open heart surgery to repair his prolapsed valve and hopefully return his life to a normal healthy status. I have no doubt that he will pull, through, but "worst case" scenarios always creep into anyone's mind. I just ask that people keep him in their thoughts/prayers, and wish a full and speedy recovery for him.