Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox 2007 World Series champs!

So yeah, sorry, I haven't posted in over 9 months. I'm a lazy bastard and I just haven't taken the time out to write. I know I should, I got many things to talk about from sports, to video games, to game development, to politics, to whatever life may throw at a person. However, the recent World Series victory of the Red Sox and some discussion with my friend Manny has motivated me to post. Hopefully this is the start of me regularly posting. My World Series thoughts.

So Mike Lowell as MVP, an interesting choice. I thought Papelbon could be deserving of it (3 saves all more than 3 outs, 0 earned runs), but batting .400, 1 HR, and 4 RBIs is pretty damn good too. Its like when Manny won World Series MVP in '04; there were multiple potential MVP candidates, but he happened to get it. In the end it has turned out that it was totally worth it to trade Hanley Ramirez to get Beckett and then the super bonus that turned out to be Mike Lowell. I hope Lowell can comeback to Boston, but I'm not sure he'll get the deal he wants here in Boston. He's going to want more than 2 or 3 years, and since he is the best 3rd baseman in baseball (A-Rod doesn't count, he's a short stop), he'll be sure to get any contract he desires where every that may be (fuckin' yankees).

Anyways, 2007 was an awesome season and its great to win 2 world series in 4 years. I was just so happy and relieved with the 1 in 2004, but with 2007 it was just fun as hell. Red Sox nation is truly privileged. Summer is officially over now, its full time football season now. Go Pats!!