Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day - What Have You Playing?

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Its been awhile, but I feel inspired to create a blog post. Games I've been playing over this long weekend:

Team Fortress 2
Sniper and Spy updates came out this weekend, and a new unlock system for getting the additional items and weapons. I've been playing with my brother and Its been great fun. I've mainly been rocking the Demo and Heavy classes, as I suck as a Spy and I'm not much of the "hang back and snipe" kinda I'm finally getting the extra items with out having to whore out the achievements.

Dawn of War II
Playing through the single player campaign. So far, so good. I had some pretty bad technical issues with the game initially since I'm using Athlon X2 4400+ CPU, but once I got it sorted out, things are running smooth. DoW2 single player is definitely a departure from traditional RTSes. There is virtually no base building, and you only control 4 squads at time. The focus is more on leveling up your squads, exploiting their special abilities, and collecting gear to beef up your squads.

Gotta love transferable Live achievements as well :)

Metal Slug series
Busted out Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3 on my NEO GEA AES to get my retro fix. Enjoying some classic 2D side scrolling action.

Other than that, I've been just hanging out and mucking around in the UT3 editor. I'm almost done shelling out a map that I'm pretty happy with. Will start play testing soon.

What have you been playing?