Saturday, July 25, 2009

Borderlands San Diego Comic Con trailer

Borderlands is a game I had the privilege of working on. My team and I worked on the multiplayer versus portion. Here is the latest trailer from the San Diego Comic Con:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally back on Battlefield 1943

I had a frustrating series of events this week related to BF1943 and the EA servers.
  • Monday: I can't log onto the EA servers and play BF1943 on Xbox 360. I just chalk it up to a server maintenance problem, and work on a UT3 map instead.
  • Tuesday: I can't log onto the EA servers and play BF1943 again. I can't even log onto the EA servers to play Fight Night Round 4. Something is definitely screwed up. I check the forums at and I'm directed to file an EA customer support ticket. I file a ticket saying I can't log onto the EA servers for any EA game I own.
  • Wednesday: EA customer service rep emails me asking for my gamer tag, email, and other info. I'm a little frustrated because all that info is already tied to my EA account. but I give him the info anyways.
  • Thursday Morning: I am told by the EA rep that my account got munged when they were doing some sort of integration, so he said he erased it. Then he tells me to download the LOTR: Conquest Demo and log in to reactivate my account. Download a demo to reactivate my EA account with my Xbox Live gamer tag? WTF?! I'm also told to file another ticket if this doesn't fix the problem. I download the LOTR demo, again, try to log on, and it FAILS. I am so frustrated at this point, I just say forget it and go to work.
  • Thursday Night: I come home later that night, and try one last desprate attempt to log on to the EA servers via LOTR. It actually friggin' worked, I was shocked. I reactivated my account, and then go hop onto BF1943. I get into a match, I'm doing my normal thing, shooting heads and capping flags, and then I'm greeted with the in game message that I just reached private bronze. Right then, I realize "Shit all my stats have been wiped. I'm starting from square one." All my stats from Xbox Live EA games have been wiped! I was pretty pissed, but then I simmered down. Why you might ask? I finished at the top of the scored board in the match, and I just chalked it up as I just presitaged in like I do in CoD4 :)
So thats the saga. Thank god there weren't any unlocks to lose. Actually I probably lost my MOH: Airborne unlocks, but whatever. If EA wants to host their own servers, they gotta straighten their shit out. At least I'm back to playing BF1943.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rock Band: Country Track Pack out today!

A game that my studio and I worked on came out today. Hope you enjoy it. We sure had fun working on it